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How many deaths have ever been recorded world wide as being due to passive smoke?
140 000
3.2 Million

For every study on passive smoke that shows it to be a risk how many show no risk at all?

The two largest studies ever conducted on passive smoke were commissioned by the American Cancer Society and the World Health Organisation, what did they show?
A 12% increase in risk
A 3% increase in risk
No risk
A 24% increase in risk

The anti smoking movement claims that 80% or more of all lung cancers are caused by smoking. How many lung cancers have been shown to have been caused by things other than smoking in similar statistical analysis?
More than 20%
More than 50%
More than 10%

In a post mortem, what is distinctive about a smokers lungs?
They are black
They are stained with nicotine
They are a reduced size
They are covered in tar
They are no different

The committee that advised the British Government on smoking bans was made up of 16 people; how many of those were connected to the pharmaceuticals industry or the anti smoking movement?

Of all cancers cases; how many occur in none smokers?

How much extra do smokers cost the National Health Service per year?
50 million
1.3 billion

When stealth taxes were introduced on tobacco it was towards the claimed costs of health care; how much extra do British smokers contribute to the treasury in this stealth tax each year.
1 billion
8 billion
13 billion
30 billion

The 1992 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency study that has been used to impose many smoking bans around the world was criticised by many scientists and a U.S. Judge for;
Cherry picking data
Altering scientific standard
Publishing the results before the study         was started
Failing to account for bias
All of the above

When the huge Oak Ridge Laboratories tested the difference in air quality between the none smoking section of a ventilated bar and a completely none smoking restaurant what did they find about the air in the bar?
It was slightly more polluted
It was twice as polluted
There was no difference at all
It was vastly more polluted

Benzene is widely reported as one of the lethal products of tobacco smoke; which contains the most benzene?
A cigarette
A glass of tap water

Who's Government was the first to vilify smokers, promote stealth taxes, lie about the effects, ban advertising of tobacco and smoking in public places and raise the age of buying tobacco?
Tony Blair
George Bush
Bill Clinton
Adolf Hitler

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