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Article 17 - The Mercury Newspaper


The following article first appeared in The Mercury Newspaper, Yorkshire.

Reproduced with kind permission.

We hear some absolutely ludicrous statements emanating from the like s of ASH, CRUK etc but what I am about to impart on you borders on fanatical lunacy!
An article in the Mail a few weeks ago had a bit of a go about 2nd hand smoke & the ‘terrible consequences of’. One Daily Mail reader, obviously of no little eminence wrote in:-
“There ARE statistics that prove second hand smoke is just as bad as smoking yourself. - Lynn, UK, 22/7/2010 9:23
Well, Lynn UK, any idea where these statistics might be? Any idea which warped scientist actually thought it prudent to print such fallacious garbage? This only one instance of brainwashing gone to extremes. I feel very sorry for Lynn UK!
Here’s another absolute gem! (could this be the cold, calculating 2 ton Ted from TeddingTON who attacked the milkman-poor old Ernie?):-
“hugging a child while covered in a layer of chemicals deposited by smoking, or lifting you child with the hands you held your cigarettes in is even worse than 2nd hand smoking, as the chemicals are transferred though contact. - ton, london, 22/7/2010 8:26
Now this poor fool has obviously taken the totally ridiculous findings of Dr Jonathon Winickoff straight to heart-hook, line and sinker! (Winickoff, you remember did a phone survey of 1,300 bewildered people asking severely ‘loaded questions’-and announced 3rd hand smoke to the scientific world-they lapped it up, especially the media!)
Think back to the days when we cooked by fire alone, when we boiled kettles over a fire, when houses were heated by coal fires etc, now just how much coal dust, coke dust or other “toxic particulate” was swarming around our houses, our clothes, our furniture, our very beings! When all this was going on, all this clogging up of whatever they say is being clogged, we were seeing lower cancer rates than we are now!
Think of all the bonfires since time began, old wood, unwanted vegetation and general garden rubbish every weekend-how much toxic particulate did clothes collect off that lot? Did anyone care? Not a jot. As far as people were concerned bonfires were fun, a means to an end, a necessity; it was all in a days work for most people.
In this cash strapped time it is inconceivable that $3.75m has been made available in America to investigate the ‘disastrous effects of 3rd hand smoke’. I say disastrous effects purposely for no matter what you think, the ‘scientist/s’ picked for this task have been well vetted and are anti tobacco crusaders (no doubt!). Most certainly they will not have signed the Brussels Declaration of Scientific Integrity, which is exactly what it says it is-a register for scientists to register their integrity in scientific dealings-not following the money!
Our 3rd hand smoke ‘scientists’ are following the money without doubt so don’t be surprised in the slightest when a major report comes out stating that 3rd hand smoke is akin to sarin gas! You won’t be surprised to hear that the money emanates from California, home of all smoke bans. California is bankrupt but the university, apparently, is not! No matter what the scientific evidence actually says, parts of that evidence will be ‘cherry picked’ to suit and the inevitable reports compiled for Banzhaf (ASH-USA) Arnott (ASH-UK) & Duffy ASH (Scotland) to wave about like demented semaphore students!
Have you got the drift yet of what is happening in this country (and others). Globalink, the New World Order & the WHO want to eradicate tobacco altogether. They don’t care about jobs, personal likes and dislikes or peoples financial security, all they want is tobacco extinction-and they’ve got NO CHANCE-but they can make our lives a misery in the process!

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