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Article 16 - The Mercury Newspaper


The following article first appeared in The Mercury Newspaper, Yorkshire.

Reproduced with kind permission.

Article 16
So, we have seen the first toothless gesture by the new coalition government. In fact toothless barely describes the act-gumless would be better quoted!
The adopted son of Sheffield Hallam, who now masquerades as our Deputy Prime Minister had the political opening of a lifetime for one so young, yet threw it all away in 15 seconds flat! Being leader of the Lib/Dems was about as far up the political ladder as our Nick could have hoped for. The position as elected Prime Minister was always a complete ‘no-no’ for the Lib/Dems would never ever command enough seats to actually be in power.
By sidling up to Cameron and forming a coalition government it gave the boy from Chalfont St Giles (Buckinghamshire) the opportunity to introduce some of that liberalism and freedoms into Parliamentary procedures that the Lib/Dems had been crowing about in the months leading up to the election.
“Our Nick” decides that the fairest way to see what the people were most upset about was to create a website entitled “YOUR FREEDOMS” where topics could be introduced and debated fully before going for consideration by “Our Nick”. From scrapping dog licences to re-opening extinct coal mines was suggested on the site but one subject went sky rocketing to the top of the list in a matter of days.
There were more sub headings and comments under that title than any other subject raised on the site. If you looked carefully through the comments sections all the answers to allowing smoking rooms in pubs & clubs were there. Thousands of people responded to that particular heading, far more than ideas about immigration, economic salvation etc, yet in a 15 second video clip “Our Nick” dashed all hope with these words, “.....and of course we won’t be visiting things like bringing back hanging or the smoking ban.....”
What a complete prat!
He created an opening for 25% of the population to suddenly hail him as the new messiah then promptly wet his infantile political nappy when he saw the multitude of responses from the general public. First chance of providing liberalism & much promised freedoms and what does he do? Poo’s his pants and runs away. So, despite all his brave words and bluster he is no more-nor- no less the same as Blair-when he came to power all those miserable years ago! He’s not interested in the people who matter, the working classes, the very backbone of this country, he is only interested in being seen to ‘tow the line’, to be ‘politically correct’, for there are 5 years good wages to be had as deputy PM! That’s if this coalition lasts past Christmas?
Sad to say, “the adopted son” has made a giant faux-pas with his first Parliamentary action for the whole website is now looked upon as a shambolic attempt to give the people hope when in actual fact he has led them up the garden path. It is the most naive of moves for whatever trust people had in him has disappeared in 15 seconds!
In Yorkshire a pub is being closed down by Punch Taverns after decades of service to the community because “it is not viable anymore”. Punch Taverns further stated, “the barrelage was 227 three years ago, it is now only 60 therefore the pub can no longer operate as a going concern.”
Just over 3 years ago there wasn’t a smoking ban-now there is! Where have 167 barrels gone in 3 years? Answer: to the cheap booze outlets called supermarkets. Smokers don’t like being treated worse than dogs as they are human beings so they have walked-and they will continue walking until this law is reformed. Licensees must join the fight to save this great industry, their livelihoods, their lives! It is no good sitting back waiting to see what will happen next. Punch & Enterprise have already shown you what will happen next. If you are not showing healthy profits they will close you down for they have massive loans and balance sheets to adhere to-you only have yourself!
Sit and suffer or get up and fight, your adopted son has betrayed you all!

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