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Article 11 - The Mercury Newspaper

Budget Day - the day all smokers, drinkers and drivers expect to be clobbered came and went with nothing unusual for the working classes to get excited about. But, another story hit the headlines thanks to the Royal College of Physicians getting in on the act.
They have now written to the Government asking/demanding [?] that smoking be banned in ALL cars! Of course they say that it's to protect the health of children who may or may not be travelling in the car.
Again, they use the excuse  to 'protect the children'. They are not really bothered about the health aspects as they cannot prove that SHS/Passive smoking has ever killed anyone,  yet they continually bang on about estimated deaths, estimated costs of smoking related treatments and the perils of smoking. What they are, in reality, are total and utter anti tobacco zealots who have seen the chance to make smokers lives even more miserable than this Government already has.
Professor John Britton, who has fronted this latest proposed intrusion on our freedom of choice was formally invited to sign the Brussels Declaration of Scientific Integrity last year, but failed to accept the generous offer. Strange that, for a man who quotes deaths and other statistics on news programmes, TV and radio, you would have thought his main concern would be correctness in mathematical terms-not willy nilly guesswork!
Now we find the real reason behind the sudden emergence of a Nottingham University Professor to the nation's tobacco control moving into the world of private transport (thanks to Eddie D and his dilligence). I ask you to peruse the following and ask the question:
Brussels Declaration or Money?
Competing interests of UKCTCS staff
John Britton chairs the Royal College of Physicians Tobacco Advisory Group and is a member of the board of trustees of Action on Smoking and Health
Peter Hajek undertakes consultancy for and has received research funds from a number of companies developing and manufacturing smoking cessation products.
Paul Aveyard has accepted hospitality from the pharmaceutical industry. He has done consultancy and research work in smoking cessation for Pfizer, McNeil, and Xenova Biotechnology that has led to payments to him and his research account.
Linda Bauld is vice-chair of the Cancer Research UK Tobacco Advisory Group and serves as Scientific Adviser to the Department of Health on tobacco control.
Tim Coleman has, within the last 5 years, done occasional consultancy work for companies that manufacture NRT products (Johnson and Johnson, Pierre Fabre Laboratories). He has also advised a Public Relations company on the strength of the evidence for using Nicobloc as an aid for smoking cessation.
Robert West undertakes research and consultancy for companies that develop and manufacture smoking cessation medications. He has a share of a patent for a novel nicotine delivery device. He is a trustee of QUIT. His research is funded mostly by Cancer Research UK.
What a motley shower - THIS TELLS IT ALL.
Sorry to ask again - Integrity or Money?
You see folks what this is quite simply, is using children to ban smokers from using their own private vehicles to enjoy a cigarette. Your private car is your private property, it is basically an extension of your home. You have paid for it yet these killjoys want to take your rights away from you yet again - in the name of the children!
Yesterday John Britton stated that smoking whilst driving was a dangerous practise, well, news for you 'pancho' - smoking related accidents are bottom of the DVLA list at 0.9% of accidents caused, yet listening to a passenger rabbitting on (ie, John Britton), comes out at 28.9%. I know which I'd enjoy more - on both counts thank you.
There is also mention of banning smoking in parks! I mean, for God's sake, a park is a vast open space for the enjoyment of all people regardless of race, colour or gender. It's a completely open air environment (unless yours is lucky enough to have a tea-room built on it!) yet these miserable killjoys now say that smoking in parks in the open air will damage children's health. 
Under the guise of the RCP these prominent manipulating fraudsters need to be publicly exposed for what they are:-
Highly paid lackeys of Anti Tobacco - with little or no integrity!
Do YOU want these people to run your lives?

I don’t!









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