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Article 8 - The Mercury Newspaper


The following article first appeared in The Mercury Newspaper, Yorkshire.  Reproduced with kind permission.

Last week your favourite local newspaper kindly printed a press release detailing what is happening in Denmark where that country’s government are rapidly realising the Health Lobby’s untruths in trying to enforce smoking bans. They have also realised that smoke bans kill businesses, especially smaller businesses that rely on core customers.
Meanwhile, here in this miserable excuse for a democratic country we find that West Sussex NHS have been severely slapped down by (of all people) the Advertising Standards Agency who found that propaganda leaflets (after a complaint received) were fallacious; ie, they stated ‘facts’ that were untrue in a blatant attempt to vilify smoking and smokers. This is excellent news for all businesses as it shows that the Health Lobby are far exceeding their remit and also proves that they are now going beyond the boundaries in order to uphold their extravagant wage packets!
On a sadder note, I have to report the sad demise of a brilliant community pub in Bognor Regis by the name of “The Family Tree”. A large estate pub that once housed many drinkers found itself on the receiving end of the smoke ban as takings dropped from £5,000 per week (pre 1st July, 2007) to just £900 per week as the smokers (90% of their customer base) stayed at home with cheap supermarket beers. We are talking of a hard working couple who had taken the tenancy on with the view to building up a nice retirement fund for their latter years. Now, after a Punch Area Manager forced his way in one afternoon whilst the pub was shut, they are homeless, penniless (after investing £100,000 of their own money) and jobless – with bankruptcy looming.
Just how many other pubs are hanging on by their fingernails as this spiteful, restrictive and socially destructive ban bites ever deeper? Just how many of you can relate to this sorrowful tale of destruction by a government fearful of the power they have given the health brigade?
The WMCIU are totally against this ban for they have always advocated CHOICE. The “EdgwareRoadAssociation” (shisha bars) are totally against this ban as it is their very culture that is being destroyed, so, with these two massive organisations, plus the other groups now aligned with f2c we are in the region of 11 million voices-which means 11 million voters-the majority of which will NOT be voting for labour in May. Will you?
It is well documented that the health lobby are now after banning smoking in beer gardens and doorways. Beer gardens I hear you cry in anguish? Yes-beer gardens! Non smokers are complaining that if they sit outside in the summertime they cannot eat their meals without smoke wafting past their nostrils. Why are they sat outside when they have the entire interior of the pub to themselves I ask? Just how selfish are these people? The answer, unfortunately, is extremely selfish for they want it all. They want smoking banned for ever. They want smokers eradicated from everyday life. They want the world to be the way they enjoy it-nobody else!
As licensees, club owners etc you must stand up against these further proposed restrictions before it is too late to object about anything. Write to your MP now. Complain that your business is already suffering because of the ban and that further restrictions will kill your business. You must act now before you have no say whatsoever in how you run your business. If you are unsure, re read this:-
Act now.....please!

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