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Freedom2Choose representatives are available for comment or interview regarding all aspects of the smoking ban, including, but not limited to, the impact on business and communities, the scientific basis for smoking bans, human rights and political issues and alternatives to blanket bans.

For press enquiries, quotes, interview requests or further information please telephone 07528 332521 or send an enquiry via E-mail: »

We also have a pdf format general press information sheet available here

Some of our press releases, publications and interviews are provided below. For background information on Freedom to Choose, please see our homepage.

Note to journalists: spokesperson comment in press releases may be quoted freely.

Freedom2Choose Press Releases

Press release 11/05/11 "Evidence Review" - Without Evidence!Read More
Press release 09/10/10 Scottish Government Defies Public OpinionRead More
Press release 02/10/10 Licensees Favour Smoking Ban ReformRead More
Press release 15/07/10 Freedom to Choose (Scotland): Response to Tobacco Display Ban ConsultationRead More
Press release 10/06/10 Peaceful Protest Expected At 2010 UK Smoking Cessation ConferenceRead More
Press release 27/02/10 Labour’s Smoking Ban: Make Your Mind UpRead More
Press release 04/02/10 Smoking Ban Review: DenmarkRead More
Press release 16/01/10 Audit Scotland Confirms Serious Health Risks of Air PollutionRead More
Press release 26/11/09 Saving The Great British PubRead More
Press release 12/11/09 NHS Trust Removes Latest Anti-smoking PropagandaRead More

Freedom2Choose In The Media

Media Date 29/08/10 The Daily Mail 9 August 2010 - Freedom To Choose (Scotland)Read More
Media Date 29/08/10 Freedom To Choose (Scotland). Response in Daily Mail 3 August 2010Read More
Media Date 17/08/10 Article 17 - The Mercury NewspaperRead More
Media Date 05/08/10 Article 16 - The Mercury NewspaperRead More
Media Date 05/08/10 Article 15 - The Mercury NewspaperRead More
Media Date 05/08/10 Article 13 - The Mercury NewspaperRead More
Media Date 03/08/10 Freedom To Choose (Scotland) - Response in The Press and JournalRead More
Media Date 30/03/10 Article 11 - The Mercury NewspaperRead More
Media Date 30/03/10 Article 10 - The Mercury NewspaperRead More
Media Date 17/02/10 Article 8 - The Mercury NewspaperRead More

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Smoke Ban Review
How many people know that the promised SMOKING BAN REVIEW has already been delivered? To read our response:

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