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November 2013

Sent: 30 November 2013

In this month's issue:

  • Message from the Chairman
  • House of Commons Tobacco Packaging Review
  • News in Brief
  • Round the Blogs
  • The Last Word


The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) has sent us from up high the latest diktat about smoking in hospital grounds.
Unworkable, expensive and above all cruel. Dying patients who may have a month, a week or a day to live will not be wheeled out in nighties and pyjamas with drips attached to enjoy one last cigarette.  So last Wednesday I appeared on BBC Radio West Midlands, BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio Three Counties and finally BBC Radio Northampton.

It was announced last week the government is going to reopen the plain packaging debate with a review led by paediatrician Cyril Chantler.
It looks like David Cameron is doing the most perverse U-turn after the public consultation rejected the proposals, and the evidence from Australia is that smoking rates are unchanged but smuggling is up.  £millions of our money being wasted. Even more reason to dislike the tobacco control industry.

Finally, I have recently been writing for the publication Trending Central
My latest articles are about a possible alcohol ban in restaurants and pubs, a plea to cut taxes on the poorest., and how the UK's Plain Packs U-turn disregards both the science and the evidence.

Dave Atherton
Chairman Freedom To Choose


On 28 November Jane Ellison (The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health) announced in the House of Commons that 'Sir Cyril Chantler will carry out an independent review of the evidence on the impact of standardised tobacco packaging on public health.'

They Work For You has the verbatim (Hansard) report of the announcement and Members' questions and statements which is easy and interesting to read, although deeply depressing. Everyone except Philip Davies is reading from the same script, though Jane Ellison holds her own rather well.

During the session an interesting side issue on the Lobbying Bill was raised by Chris Ruane who said: 'As chair of the all-party group on heart disease, I pay tribute to the work of the British Heart Foundation, Cancer UK, ASH and other campaigning organisations that have helped to bring about this U-turn. My hon. Friend Luciana Berger specifically mentioned the impact on such charities if the lobbying Bill goes through—they will be neutered and silenced in the run-up to the general election...'


Do read the full session report here.



Brighton pensioner celebrates 100th birthday with whisky and cigarettes

Why walking within 30ft of a lit cigarette puts you at risk of dangerous passive smoking
(Fully debunked here)

Loneliness is as unhealthy as smoking.

Editors of the BMJ, Heart, Thorax, and BMJ Open have decided that the journals will no longer consider for publication any study that is partly or wholly funded by the tobacco industry.


F2C Blogs

Anti-Smoking Gets Uglier

An Open Letter to All MPs from Freedom2choose on behalf of the Socially Excluded

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Other Blogs

Banning Smoking in Hospitals Would be Sadistic and Wrong - Telegraph Blogs  (see also earlier F2C blog: When the Caring Stops)

Some good news from down under for a change:

ASH Australia to shut down - Frank Davis, and

The Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia has had its funding cut off by the Abbott government, effective immediately - Velvet Glove Iron Fist.

Not so good for ecigs, though:

Two searingly angry posts from Dick Puddlecote: The EU Doesn't Understand the Word No, and The European Union and the Rotten Hand of Big Pharma.



"They will not be satisfied until they have you shivering in a cave, sipping thin gruel."

John Brignell,  March of the Zealots



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