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September 2013

Sent: 29 Sept 2013

In this month's issue:

  • Message from the Chairman
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F2C's recent AGM was thoroughly enjoyed by members as we basked in warm sunshine in a delightful seventeenth century pub garden. After the formal business we discussed a variety of topics, including ways of improving our online presence.

I am very proud of the members and supporters of F2C, all of whom are volunteers.

I said then, and say now, that we 'punch far above our weight', and were one of the first groups to link the Nanny State with not only smoking prohibitions, but drinking and eating.

However, we will never amend the smoking ban on our own, and it's important to continue to work closely together with all our colleagues on the issues we have in common.

Dave Atherton
Chairman Freedom To Choose


Recently published on the F2C Blog to highlight his new book TobakkoNacht - The Antismoking Endgame, our interview with Michael was fascinating.

You can read the whole interview for yourself here, but he was particularly good when he gave advice on tactics:

"The strongest single piece of advice is to remember that that the Antismokers have untold mountains of hundreds of millions of dollars and pounds to pay themselves with, to hire staff with, to buy TV ads with, and to buy the laws that they want.  We in turn have diddlysquat.  So the advice is simple: we can't afford to hit them at their strong points: we need to constantly seek out their weaknesses because it's only at those weaknesses that we can really win at this point. 

Their greatest weakness is in their lies, the more outrageous the better for us -- because truly outrageous lies are easier to expose in quick and simple ways, and it's easier to convince people who'd earlier believed them without much thought that actually they ARE lies.  And when people realize how they've been played for fools with those lies, they'll get angry and they'll fight back.  And it's that anger and that willingness to fight that we need.

So pick out the craziest and weakest of their lies: the thirdhand smokes, the outdoor death from a smoker a hundred feet away, childhood asthma doubling or tripling while exposure to smoke has gone down by more than half, smoking bans being good for pubs while we can see that their numbers are being decimated twice over, the most advanced ventilation and air-filtration systems being helpless against wisps of smoke from a few leaves while they easily handle deadly pathogens in hospitals and clouds of thick cooking smoke from restaurant kitchens.  Anyone can be fooled temporarily by slick and expensively produced advertising and propaganda sound bites, especially when it's all wrapped up with emotional appeals and pictures of lovable little children, but most people can see beyond those sound bites and pictures if the lies are transparent enough.

We need to pick out the most transparent lies, and hit at them, over and over again, in the simplest terms possible."



Sugar is 'addictive and the most dangerous drug of the times'

Report reveals mental health smoking impact

Cigarette ban for prisons will go up in smoke

Peers plot to revive shelved plan for plain cigarette packs

Gangster v. Gangster: Al Qaeda rocket blows lid on IRA cigarette cargo



Octabber 2013

Shisha Bar business survey

Professor John Brignell has just published his review of Michael McFadden's 'TobakkoNacht' (NB takes a little time to load).

Simon Cooke of 'The View from Cullingworth' on 'Politics is Broken'

Junican of 'Bolton Smokers' Club' - Is there some sort of race going on to bring in plain packaging?



"The evidence we took on passive smoking leads us to doubt whether government guidelines on risk management have been properly implemented. In particular, the purpose of legislation should have been defined more clearly and greater attention should have been given to available scientific evidence, the relative merits of alternative policy options and the impact of legislation on personal freedom and choice. Failure to consider these matters properly has resulted in the introduction of a policy that appears to demonstrate a disproportionate response to the problem."

- House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs June 2006



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