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October 2012

Sent: 15 Oct 2012

In this month's issue:

  • From the Chairman: Baby It's Cold Outside
  • Andrew Lansley and Anne Milton sacked
  • The Scottish Petition: deadline 22 October
  • Bad Pun month: Stoptober and Octabber
  • F2C AGM and Committee 2012-13
  • News in brief
  • F2C Articles and official Blog
  • Round the Blogs
  • The Last Word


Summer is over and those smokers who were tempted to visit the pub on a warmer day now have their minds made up for them.

The good news is that plans to introduce minimum priced alcohol seem dead in the water, thanks to the European Union, and smokers can drink at home with a clearer, cheaper conscience.

The British Beer and Pub Association say that 6,000 pubs, 25 a week, are predicted to be closing in the next 5 years and the one factor that could stem or even reverse the closures - ventilated smoking rooms - is not even on the agenda. The Scottish petition (see news article below) asks for a review of the regulations in the light of research information on modern methods of ventilation.

My 2 bottles for £8 of Echo Falls, sipped at home with the central heating on, seem a far better prospect than £3.20 a pint in the freezing cold.

Dave Atherton, October 2012

Not outdoor smoking weather...


In a Government reshuffle last month, Andrew Lansley (Health Secretary) and Anne Milton (Public Health Minister) were sacked and replaced by Jeremy Hunt, who voted against the 2007 smoking ban, and Anna Soubry, a newcomer to the House of Commons.

Never again will we have the pleasure of seeing this picture:

Anne Milton and Deborah Arnott: friends no more


It’s not too late to sign PE 01451, Petition to the Scottish Parliament review of smoking ban (open for signatures until 22 October).

You don't have to live in Scotland to sign it.

This petition is put forward by Freedom to Choose (Scotland). It points out the problem of ambient air pollution in everyday environments, which should be the real focus of any concern for clean air. Making a huge fuss about the alleged dangers of secondary smoke and then applying the smoking ban, is a sop, leading people to believe that the problem of ambient pollution no longer exists, meanwhile ruining many recreational venues and disrupting social lives. Challenge the nonsense that there is ‘no safe level of secondary smoke’. Read more here.



It's bad pun month...

The Government spent lots of money running a campaign - 'Stoptober' - to get smokers to quit for the month of October. Unfortunately, according to recent research, most smokers are ignoring the campaign.

Pat Nurse and other pro-choicers fought back with 'Octabber'. Read all about it here.

F2C AGM and COMMITTEE 2012-13

A very successful and lively AGM was held in London on 1 September.

Members of the Executive Committee elected for 2012-13 are: Dave Atherton (Chairman), David Bunn, Carol Cattell (Secretary), Belinda Cunnison (Treasurer), Andy Davis, Pete Jackson (Membership Secretary), Tony Ward,  and John Watson.

Below is a picture of some of the AGM attendees taking a break from business.

Beware Greeks bearing .gifs (in-joke)



UK Government 'Nudge Unit' sells behavioural expertise to Australia. "Ministers said the unit had saved taxpayers money and showed the UK was a world leader in behavioural change."

Doctors don't always know best. Student claims he cured debilitating bowel disease by taking up smoking.

Couples who smoke to be banned from IVF treatment.

Sadly it seems that in a Lebanon now you can publicly flaunt a smoking gun but no longer brandish a cigarette or a shisha pipe!

The original pub that Eastenders' Queen Vic was based on is due to close.

Yet another Club closes with the smoking ban mentioned as a cause.

Over one-third of the UK's remaining pubs and bars are at risk of closing, according to recent research.

US court blocks graphic cigarette warnings.

U-turns on non-smoking policies in hospital grounds. These indecently cruel policies have just been reversed by Bradford Royal Infirmary, and by the University Hospital of North Staffordshire.


Breaking News: Lansley Out, Hunt In. Some great comments.

Smokers' Rights and the Royal Hunt of the Sun.  A good rant, also with good comments.

If You Sign Nothing Else This Year...  The Scottish Petition. You have signed, haven't you?

The October Revolution: Octabber

Minimum Alcohol Pricing Shelved in Scotland  Hot news just in, which we are celebrating.


...which we are celebrating...


Jay of Nannying Tyrants takes a break from his excellent research stuff and has a rant about how older smokers are treated.

Pat Nurse of Tea and Cigarettes treats us to her version of Gardeners' World.

Dave Atherton of Lifestyle Reviews casts a jaundiced eye over the Sham Plain Packs Consultation and Andrew Black.

Dick Puddlecote features Steve Baker MP's questions to Government departments about funding charities and 'government lobbying government'. Steve Baker himself replies favourably in the comments.

Smoking Hot of Nothing 2 Declare also takes a short break from their excellent cross-border shopping and legal advice to declare that He Is A Man. With great photo and stomping blues music.

As ever, the good blog writers are too numerous to mention. We'll try to feature some lesser-known ones next time.


"People who are always taking care of their health are like misers who are hoarding a treasure which they have never spirit enough to enjoy."

Laurence Sterne


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