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July 2012

Sent: 28th July 2012

In this month's issue:

  • From the Chairman: The Summer & Britain's Olympics
  • Olympic Smoking!
  • F2C AGM Saturday 1 September in London
  • News Stories
  • Front Page Articles
  • Round the Blogs
  • The Last Word


The Summer and Britain's Olympics

"..or even possibly sitting down..."

Summer is the time when we smokers return to some normality, in that going down the pub with smoking and non-smoking friends can be a pleasant experience, when it isn’t raining. 

Despite being size 22 and clinically obese, Diane Abbott's nanny desire to ban smoking from the Olympics fell flat on its face as designated smoking areas are available for athletes.

The dark cloud on the horizon is the House of Lords’ desire to press ahead with a blanket ban on smoking in cars.

F2C will not be taking this lying or even possibly sitting down.

Dave Atherton, July 2012


We loved these two iconic images from the Olympics.
Those who saw the opening ceremony will have noted that Isambard Kingdom Brunel (played by Kenneth Branagh) oversaw much of the first part - and had a cigar firmly clamped in his teeth the whole time. We were surprised and delighted that this was included. Here is a photo of the great engineer himself:

Cigar, with the Great Engineer

The second image was of the actress Joanna Lumley playing the infamous Patsy and lighting her cigarette from The Flame Itself. It was a spoof and no genuine torch was hurt in the making of this image. But we do like it.

Patsy Playing with Fire


This year's AGM will be held on Saturday 1 September in Central London. All paid-up members are invited to attend and the London venue should make it easier for more southern-based members to get there this year.

Invitations have already been circulated so if you know you're a full member but haven't yet got your invitation please let us know.

The venue hasn't yet been finally agreed, but will more than likely to have access to a bar (!) The start time is probably going to be 2.00pm.

The AGMs are very sociable and provide a great opportunity to meet other members face-to-face: it would be great to see you there.

After the most famous F2C AGM.
The Committee's resolution to amend the notorious
compulsory hat-wearing rule was hotly contested by Members.


The majority of Licensees want to see the ban amended and smoking rooms allowed in pubs. Story here.

Smoking in cars: BMA admits "error"

Standardised tobacco packs costly and disruptive’ for local shops, says Association of Convenience Stores.

Police warn that Plain packaging of cigarettes will fuel organised crime and smuggling.

And finally, more on Plain Packaging. The Government is extending the consultation period for an extra month.
The new closing date of the consultation is Friday 10 August 2012.


Sadly, only 2 offerings this month. We've been busy setting up our own F2C Blog and ironing out the inevitable teething problems. Also our writers have been unavailable or on holiday or temporarily offline.
All leave has been cancelled and we promise to do better next time.


Welcome to the new Tobacco Control Tactics Website.

This new anti-Tobacco Control Industry website is a MUST-read if you haven't already.

One of our members commented privately this represented "real global teamwork on a scale never before witnessed in my years of involvement and has been a remarkable achievement in such a short space of time."

The Emperor's New Clothes
from the Tobacco Control Tactics website

The Elephant has Left the Premises.

In which we raise a quizzical eyebrow or two at the results of a dubious pub customer survey.

No elephant in the room



The Freedom2Choose Official Blog

We have to start by saying that we launched our own F2C Blog* at the beginning of the month. Not many articles in it yet (as said previously, all leave has been cancelled...) but we are very grateful for some warm welcoming comments.

Here is its opening article “A New Blog is Born”, and here is its second one: “Bullying Beyond Authority” which looks at the attempts to ban all smoking in yet another hospital’s grounds.

*The Home Page will take you to the latest article which is, at the time of the newsletter publication, a mirror copy of the Front Page article mentioned above: ‘The Elephant Has Left the Premises’.

As ever, the good blogs are too numerous to mention. We'll continue the Plain Packaging theme with the two articles below.

If you haven’t yet read Jay of Nannying Tyrants, you should. He writes superbly and with excellent research and analysis, although we should warn you his language is, er, robust. Here he exposes a pro-Plain Packaging retailer as an ASH stooge.

Well well. The consultation on Plain Packaging has been extended a month until August 10th. Dick Puddlecote is not at all cynical about it. Read what he has to say here.


"When you have lost your inns drown your empty selves, for you will have lost the last of England."

Hilaire Belloc - seen in the Crown, Faringdon, Oxon.


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