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Now, their hour of discontent

A letter to Laura Moffatt ( Labour MP, Crawley)....

Dear Laura,

May I firstly congratulate you on your victory in the 2005 elections by a magnificent majority of 37! On the back of that may I now ask the question as to why you decided to commit political suicide with your electorate by voting for a total smoking ban alongside Caroline Flint?
Have you any idea of the carnage the 'smokeban' has caused?
1567 pubs/clubs shut since July 1st last year, more are on 'death-row', and for what? smoke free air? What good is a pub having so called smoke free air when no punters go in to that pub because of the smokeban? The non drinkers that this idiotic gov't promised would invade the pubs have never materialised-and never will. For it a well known fact that the majority of smokers are drinkers, thus, banning smokers from the warm confines of the great British pub has virtually guaranteed smokers/drinkers staying at home-and the non smoking friends of smokers staying away with them. For this gov't has created a two-headed monster, thanks to the most socially restrictive, spiteful and divisive law ever enacted.
Firstly, drinkers are buying cheaper supermarket booze by the trolley full and staying at home where they can enjoy a cigarette with their beer.
Secondly, the British pub industry is dying on its feet. As I said, 1567 pubs/clubs already shut, more to come! The pubs may have smoke free air but they have no chance of survival without smokers so they inevitably shut. This, also inevitably, causes job losses, financial hardships, loss of home in some cases and, ultimately, poverty!
For a Labour gov't that purports to 'back' the working classes this is somewhat of a U-turn in policy! This gov't has in fact, systematically set about slaughtering the working classes, to such an extent that even die-hard labour supporters in the northern stronghold have now vowed never to vote labour again-so much have they been sold down the river by their own party.
Such is the furore your poorly implemented smokeban has created that of the top 20 marginal seats (you sit proudly @ No1 with 37!) only 4 of your cohorts had the good sense not to vote for a total ban. They showed sense, compassion and a respect for Human Rights-why did you and the other 15 not?
At the next election you will all be gone, deposed, out of the corridors of power and a new breed, who may well have learned from your erroneous ways that you cannot treat people like dogs, may endeavour to right the enormous wrongs you have committed.
You have no regard for Human Rights, you have no regard for the humans of this country-at voting time, we will have no regard for you!

Yours sincerely
Phil Johnson

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