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A great opportunity for all Freedom members to get together is being arranged by one of our members at his pub in Bolton on 30th June through to the 1st July.

Nick Hogan, owner of the Swan in Churchgate Town Centre is hosting the event for all F2C members and other sympathetic pro-choicers who wish to come along. It will present an excellent opportunity for people who have worked side by side for so long to meet each other on the day the "lights go out" for the last of the British nations to succumb to the Anti-Smoking tyranny.

You can read Nick's opinion of the ban in this news article from the Bolton News back in December 2006.

Nicks Opinion

If you and your pals wish to join the "last-light-up", would you please email me to let me know in advance as, although the venue is large (max 750) Nick needs to have some idea of numbers in order to make sure that everyone can be accommodated.

Should you wish to make a weekend of it, (Press will be there on July 1st we believe) there are several hotels within walking distance of the Swan. The following link takes you to a selection of nearby hotels but I am told that The Pack Horse and the Holiday Inn are the closest.

Bolton Hotels

Better get booked quickly though as I have a slight feeling that the allocated smoking rooms may be booked up quite quickly!!!

Please email me at if you would like to party with the freedom fighters on D-Day!!

Please remember this - the fight goes on - the legal challenge is taking longer than we had hoped, but to undo 40 years of "Anti" planning will take longer than the few short months we have had to get our case watertight.

In the meantime, please support Nick and Freedom2Choose on the 30th June or 1st July (or better still, both)!! Let us show them that we can pull ourselves away from the PC and talk instead of type!!

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