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Welsh politicians plan to ban e-cigs

22nd June 2015

Welsh politicians plan to outlaw vaping in enclosed public spaces by the end of 2016, saying the devices' huge popularity could fuel a new wave of nicotine addiction.  Cancer charities have raised big questions over a law extending the smoking ban to e-cigarettes - because it could stop some people kicking the habit.

Discussion and poll ....................


   Welsh politicians plan to ban e-cigs »

Nigel Farage vows to axe smoking ban

3rd April 2015

Nigel Farage says he is stunned by the state of the industry and would slash beer tax and bring back smoking rooms should his party enter government as part of a coalition in May’s General Election.

   Nigel Farage vows to axe smoking ban »

Outdoor smoking ban starts in Bristol

2nd February 2015

Bristol is to pilot a ''voluntary'' outdoor smoking ban.  A contradiction in terms, surely;  but logic doesn't seem to be a strong point of the ban-crazy busybodies.  How long before it becomes compulsary?

   Outdoor smoking ban starts in Bristol »

Tax and red tape close 6,000 pubs over 8 years

10th December 2014

A report by the Institute of Economic Affairs says that more than 6,000 pubs have shut over the past eight years thanks to sky-high taxes and government red tape.  The smoking ban, increases in alcohol duty and declining real wages since the recession have directly contributed to more than half of all closures since 2006.  As part of a radical package of measures to save the British pub,  the think tank has demanded the watering down of the smoking ban allow people to smoke in special rooms.
   Tax and red tape close 6,000 pubs over 8 years »

Est £4m of NHS cash spent on stop-smoking drugs

11th October 2014

An estimated £4m of NHS cash was spent on stop-smoking drugs in the North-east last year.


More than half the money was spent on Champix - with prescription rates in the region more than 60% higher than the national average.


Comments invited.

   Est £4m of NHS cash spent on stop-smoking drugs »

Time to ease pub smoke ban

17th August 2014

Paul Nuttall, UKIP’s deputy leader and Northwest MEP say the smoking ban has severely hit pubs right across the country - if landlords want a well-ventilated room set aside for smokers they should be able to make that choice.
Comments and vote invited here ......................
   Time to ease pub smoke ban »

Ban smokers from town centre events

19th June 2014

The Deputy Editor of the Bucks Herald, who describes himself as a liberal, tolerant guy, nevertheless says he happily admits to being heavily prejudiced against smokersand wants them banned from town centre events.

   Ban smokers from town centre events »

Banning smoking in cars an abuse of state power

2nd May 2014

Smoking in cars with children is a bad idea.  However, many people see a ban as a green light for further state intrusion into our lives.  As this article states, first the car, then the home, then the body itself.  State interference only goes one way.  Once you invite it into your home it will make itself comfortable and demand ever greater powers.

   Banning smoking in cars an abuse of state power »

A quiet rebellion underway?

3rd April 2014

From the Telegraph - people want to be free to do what they like, including having a smoke in the pub.

Has George Osborne's budget, with its tax cut for beer and bingo and permission fo people take charge of their own savings, caught a wider mood of national rebellion against bossy government?



   A quiet rebellion underway? »

What will the family police do next?

12th Februry 2014

As smoking in a car when children are present looks set to become illegal, this article asks if we should also pass a law requiring parents to read to their offspring every night.  Another slice of freedom gone.  One more step towards total totalitarian state control.

   What will the family police do next? »

Nicotine is GOOD for you

12th January 2014

A scientist employed by one of the biggest cigarette manufacturers today said nicotine is good for your health.

Group scientific director for British American Tobacco, which makes Benson & Hedges, Dunhill and Lucky Strikes, David O'Reilly has been branded 'irresponsible' and accused of telling just part of the story.

   Nicotine is GOOD for you »

The Elephant in the Room

7th November 2013

Why oh why does no-one ever mention the obvious whenever an article is published about ''saving the Great British pub''. A prime example here - lots of reasons given, except the smoking ban but, of course, the Ministry of Truth would never admit to that.   The Elephant in the Room »

Cigarette 'bouncers’'to cut smoking at hospitals

26th September 2013

Following the introduction of 'enforcement staff' in Glasgow, other health boards are beginning to take on their own staff, or train security workers to ''tackle those who ignore no-smoking signs'' in hospital grounds. NHS Forth Valley is in the process of recruiting a “control officer”. The fact that smoking outdoors is not illegal does not deter the zealots who say it is about a ''permanent culture change''. Apparently, in the Glasgow pilot project, three wardens, who also handed out advice to smokers on how to quit, left within days of starting work because of the aggression they faced. Oh dear; wonder why?   Cigarette 'bouncers’'to cut smoking at hospitals »

Tram driver is snapped smoking e-cigarette

29th August 2013

Passenger (who wishes to remain anonymous)takes photo of tram driver ''smoking'' an e-cig and sends it to the Manchester Evening News, who publish this non-story. General consensus in the comments is ''pathetic'' - the passenger and the newspaper - not the driver.   Tram driver is snapped smoking e-cigarette »

Tobacco policy goes up in smoke

13th July 2013

Sketch from the Telegraph by Michael Deacon, Parliamentary Sketchwriter: ''In a world in which members of the public cannot possibly be expected to take responsibility for their own actions, the Government is naturally coming under fire for shelving its plans to put plain packaging on cigarettes and to impose a minimum price on alcohol''. Read the rest here and comment.   Tobacco policy goes up in smoke »

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