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Our chairman is Colin Grainger, who lives in a small village in Aberdeenshire. He is a sales manager for a Dutch satellite telecommunications company and his busy business schedule takes him regularly to the Netherlands and to Africa.

He has spent time in around 45 countries and lately, has been looking at how they handle the SHS myth. He visits emerging nations and has seen the way they deal with second hand smoke using ventilation, remaining mystified as to why we cannot do the same thing. He finds himself appalled at the apathy of many smokers, and equally appalled at the ignorance of those who support Draconian measures to deal with what is a simple matter. "Using a sledgehammer to crack a nut", - to coin a phrase.

Colin is desperately worried that the Scottish have legislated to support what he believes to be a new Apartheid. His concern that a minority of the population can be vilified openly, and with full support from an inept government led him to finding like minded people on "The Big Debate", where he as taken a very active part since joining in February 2006. He expresses his shock at the way ASH gloated over their "confidence trick" when they admitted publicly that they had fooled HMG and was disgusted to learn that Cancer Research falsified an on-line poll right before our very eyes.

Colin is convinced that we are not seeing the "elephant in our sitting room", as he has researched the rise of lung cancer rates and finds that up until the 1930's lung cancer was extremely rare despite smoking being prevalent for over 300 years. Rates began to increase exponentially with the arrival of pollution belching factories and the arrival of millions of motor vehicles on our roads.

Colin tells us that "Prior to December 2005 I was not even remotely interested in politics but have now written about the global SHS hoax, and smoking bans in dozens of newspapers and blogs. During some spirited debates, I have worn down the opposition to get at the truth, and, predictably, it always boils down to the smell. I continue to repeat that this can be eradicated and firmly believe that we should have an indoor clean air act, and that we should focus on getting rid of the smoke, not the smoker."
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