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A State of Recklessness - Part 3

A State of Recklessness - Part 2
In the first part of this article I suggested that, according to one ideology, the role of Government, was to protect the common wealth and protect the common health for this and future generations. I also pointed out that in recent ye

A State of Recklessness - Part I
"The latest bank rescue deal could take Mr. Brown’s total commitment to solving the banking crisis to almost £1trillion (£1,000 billion) in taxpayer’s money either spent or pledged since the credit crunch began in 2007." [The Trillion Pou

On Playing The Nazi Card
The historian Robert N Proctor, author of The Nazi War on Cancer, has regularly argued that, despite their more egregious errors, the Nazis were in fact capable of performing very good scientific work. And on several occasions he has cited the examp

Hiding Tobacco Displays – The Silver Lining
On 9 December it was announced that cigarettes would be sold under the counter, instead of being openly displayed. The new measure is to begin in 2011 in supermarkets and 2013 for small businesses. I, personally, was not surprised when I heard thi

Uncle Barry's 'compromise'
I sympathise with those people who have to endure family visits unless, of course, the visitors are amiable and like-minded. I, personally, seldom receive visits from relatives, as I now have so few close family members. However, my husband has more

The Passage of Time
I was playing trombone with a twelve piece band this morning in Ashton under Lyne. It was great fun, in a large function room in the Town Hall. Every Tuesday morning, senior and almost senior citizens meet, have a speaker or some other presentation,

Tiny, tiny particles
I still remember the day I first noticed the looming smoking ban. It was a grey day in November 2004. I'd bought a pint of lager, lit a cigarette, and settled into my usual seat at the pub, and started glancing through the Independent, when my eye

F2C Fact sheet 3,Truth They Ignored
This is the third in our series of fact sheets, Revealing the other side of the "smoking Facts", the side "they" don't want you to know. These fact sheets are also available from our downloads section.

F2C Fact Sheet 2 , The Hidden Agenda.
This our second in a series of fact sheets, concerning what is less well known about smoking bans. These fact sheets are also available from our downloads section. Here

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