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Last Days at The Publican

England oh England-where for art thou?
England kick off their World Cup aspirations very shortly and pubs across the land have been preparing for a hopeful influx of patriotic drinkers on match days. One man has gone even further than ensuring TV's are working properly and cellars full o

How Government Brands Smokers
Living in the UK today feels a bit like being back at school, says Joe Jackson. Rules and regulations, bullying and humiliation, especially if you’re a smoker.

Alzheimer's and Smoking
The CIF article by Ben Goldacre is a comment on a recent analysis of the science relating to studies that find tobacco smoke to have a beneficial effect on Alzheimer's disease. The analysis on which he bases the comment is simply an anti-tobacco est

Smoke Free Catastrophe

Fictional and Real Deaths

Smoke Free Homes
I was handed a comic, sorry, ‘Registration Form’ from a Manchester hospital this week. You complete the form, and return it to Smoke Free Homes. Once you send it in, you receive ’smokefree items’, which include a Smokefree Home Awa

Smoke Those who sing and dance about tobacco are mainly concerned by the smoke. All manner of pathogens are attributed to it. I thought it might be interesting to look more closely at smoke and the intimate part it has played in all our lives sinc

A State of Recklessness - Part 5

A State of Recklessness - Part 4
In Part 3 we looked at the following comment by the EU Reporter Regular ….readers…. know that pro-smoking campa

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