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A State of Recklessness - Part 5

Martin Hensman

In Part 1 of this article I directed readers attention to the expressed view of representatives of the Environmental movement who claimed that:
the role of Government is to protect the common wealth and protect the common health for this and future generations.
This triggered the following questions: Has Government protected the common wealth of this Nation by over-regulating the daily lives of individuals whilst turning a blind eye to the reckless lending policies of those in charge of our financial sector? Does common wealth have the same meaning as financial capital? Having introduced you to the favoured tool of the Environmentalists – the Precautionary principle, which has been interpreted to mean Action without evidence is justified we have seen how this has enabled two industries to germinate and flourish eg: the Global Warming and Tobacco Control movements. We will examine each of these in turn. The Global Warming Movement. Historically we find that:
In 1991, Happer was appointed director of energy research for the US Department of Energy. In 1993, he testified before Congress that the scientific data didn’t support widespread fears about the dangers of the ozone hole and global warming, remarks that caused the then Vice President, Al Gore, to fire him. "I was told that science was not going to intrude on public policy," he said. SOURCE
Naturally, there is good reason not to let the facts get in the way of an all-important global scam. It helps to unleash a totalitarian movement with people control as its ultimate objective. It bans traditional light bulbs, introduces garbage and food police, and also leads to savage increases in motor fuel duties. In fact:
A British impact assessment on the EU’s Motor Fuel Regulations 2007, estimated the social and economic benefits at £0 a year, the environmental benefits at £18.5 million a year and the costs at £400 million a year. EU RED TAPE COSTS US £100BN IN 10 YEARS
Last week it emerged that millions face a new 'stealth tax' on heating bills to subsidise green energy. Although of far greater concern to us all is the fact that biofuels cause 75% increase in food prices. This is especially galling when it is discovered that:
33 000 scientists globally have now questioned the political claims made regarding Climate Change and have put their signature on the Manhattan Declaration demanding solid scientific evidence be used when Governments pass legislation affecting this subject matter.
I ask: Is action without clear scientific evidence justified? The Tobacco Control Agenda. Similarly, tobacco control has already claimed the jobs of 44,000 people in the UK pub industry. It is feared that, if new proposals on the banning of point of sale displays become law, a further 59,000 jobs will be in jeopardy. On 20 January 2008, the NHS Information Centre published a report (Statistics on NHS stop smoking services in England) which finds that fewer smokers kicked the habit in the first half of 2008/09 despite a sharp increase in spending on NHS Stop Smoking Services. The report revealed that the NHS spent £33 million on such services between April and September 2008, compared to £26 million for the same period in 2007. Significantly, this latter period included the months straddling the introduction of the smoking ban in July 2007, when the number of those who abandoned the habit was particularly high. Quite clearly this nonsense has to stop when we consider that deaths from hospital blunders soar 60% in two years as NHS staff 'abandon quality of care to chase targets' I ask again: Is action without clear scientific evidence justified? Economic Madness In Part 1 we looked at the fact that £Trillions of taxpayers money was to be used to prop up our broken financial system. Whilst we are paying for an army of pen-pushing, paper shuffling bureaucrats to regulate even more areas of our lives the law abiding, who have chosen to live within their means, are to be punished further as savers are now on ZERO interest. Even the capital value of those savings will be reduced to nothing as Bank of England Governor, Mervyn King, indicated that:
The Bank is poised to move beyond relying on further interest rate cuts to combat recession. It will give a green light within weeks to a strategy of "quantitative easing", the modern equivalent of printing money, he made clear.
Source The sheer magnitude of the injustice against decent hardworking people comes to light when it is realised that the banking system was largely unregulated with Bank Chairmen and CEO’s conducting high risk activities with a ‘cavalier attitude’ towards the potential consequences for their customers. At a time when the Pound tumbles after Bank governor warns Britain is in a deep recession and economy could shrink by 4% it comes to public attention that the Financial Services Authority warned HBOS in 2002 it was taking too many risks after deputy chairman and former key adviser to the Prime Minister resigned. Sir James Crosby, who was himself chief executive of HBOS until 2006, before being made deputy Chairman of the FSA revealed he was no longer working as an economic adviser to the Government. PM's adviser quits financial watchdog over sacking of 'reckless banks' whistleblower Gordon Brown denied he had hand-picked the banker to be deputy chairman of the FSA when he was Chancellor and said he was selected by an independent panel. MPs were incredulous the tripartite regulatory authority made up of FSA, Bank of England and Treasury officials had not been warned. You really couldn’t make this up. It has also come to light that UK charities have a total income of £26.3 billion and an operating expenditure of £24.9 billion. Many, including such organisations as Action on Smoking & Health (Ash) are charities in name only. They are primarily funded by the taxpayer and are heavily involved in Political lobbying. In Part 1 I asked: Has Government protected the common wealth of this Nation? The answer must be a resounding no. The Government has Presided over a State of Recklessness in relation to both the wealth and health of this Nation. The complete failure of the banking system, over-regulation of business with petty rules and spiralling stealth taxes will ultimately propel many along the path to unemployment and poverty. The Precautionary Principle Presents a Serious Hazard to Health In Parts 2 & 3 we examined the distorting effects on Health Policy formulation by the promotion of the precautionary principle. In reality,
the precautionary principle presents a serious hazard to our health which extends way beyond the generation of unnecessary neuroses. The biggest correlate of our health and well being is our standard of living, as measured in conventional economic and physical terms. People in technologically advanced societies suffer fewer diseases and live longer than those in less developed nations. The biggest killer in the world is not genetically modified soya, pesticide residues or even tobacco. It is something which is given the code Z59.5 in the International Classification of Disease Handbook and accounts for more deaths world-wide than any other single factor. It is defined as 'Extreme Poverty'.
Even the EU President doubts Global Warming Fears. The EU has had a new president since the beginning of January. He is Vaclav Klaus and his views on global warming are less well known. So nobody much gets to hear about him. Czech president attacks Al Gore's climate campaign .Czech president says global warming is a Gore fallacy.Czech President Questions Global Warming Yet Again As He Attacks Al Gore’s climate campaign Conclusion There is now an undeniable provable link between the Environmentalists and the Healthists. The strict taxation and regulatory policies fostered by both groups are underpinned by nothing more than scientific myth. Global Warming is to Environmentalism what Second Hand Smoke has become to Healthism. The continuing pursuance of strict social control polices to protect the public from illusionary harm will have far-reaching and disastrous economic, social and health consequences. Action should immediately be taken in the following areas: The FSA which has shown itself to be incompetent should be disbanded All charities involved in political activities whose income is primarily derived from the public purse should be abolished. All regulatory burdens on businesses and the individual that are not grounded on hard evidence should be revoked All non-essential jobs should be deleted. Examples include: The Headteacher paid £60,000 to run school that doesn’t exist in town with no pupils after planning delay disaster. Anti-smoking wardens patrolling the grounds at a hospital being paid £15,000 a year Head of the new tobacco control division in Scotland will earn up to £75,000. Health chiefs plan to spend £80,000 on the smoking ban - with more cash to help staff quit. All cost savings should be re-distributed by reducing personal taxation and the NIC burden thereby providing a timely boost to consumer spending. Isn’t it now time for our Political elite to take off their blindfolds, get off their backsides and take POSITIVE ACTION?
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